Why Strategic Integration?

Whether life or business, Strategic Integration is about helping people like you unlock your vision and move toward it.  I am a believer that faith neutralizes fear, and that passion is fundamentally linked to vision and strategy when integrated with clarity of values and purpose.  If you value real perspective and desire transformation in your business and life, I want to work with you.

Available Resources?

Strategic Integration brings the resources of an entire network of facilitators and coaches to meet the resource needs of your organization.  In addition, we utilize a comprehensive toolbox aligned with expertise and creativity to deliver the results you desire.

As a Strategic Facilitator and Coach, I am a licensed LifePlan and StratOp facilitator through the Paterson Center, and an EMyth Certified Business Coach.

About Eric

As an entrepreneur, I build custom homes, invest in various ventures, have co-founded a distillery and provide unique consulting services through Strategic Integration.  In addition, I possess a diverse background having provided leadership in operations, marketing, work procurement and preconstruction management for one of the top design-builders in the nation, Hensel Phelps Construction Co. for much of my professional career.

In our community, I serve on the Board of Directors for Resurrection Christian School, our local church financial and missions’ leadership teams, Weld County Foster and Kinship programs, and the child advocacy organization, A Kid’s Place. My wife of 17 years, three children and I are Colorado natives. We enjoy traveling and everything the Rocky Mountains have to offer.



“You are the most difficult person you will ever lead.” -Bill Hybels

LifePlan is a foundational step in personal leadership development. Everyone has a unique life story and giftedness that accompanies a need for clarity of purpose and vision. In our time together, we gain full perspective on your life, create your LifePlan integrating all major life domains, and put your plan into action. You will be equipped with the tools you need to manage and renew your plan going forward.

What benefit would LifePlan be to my Organization?

Over half of the workforce self-identifies as disengaged. Left unaddressed, disengaged employees will leave your company – it is only a matter of time. Wherever your company stacks up against this statistic, employee disengagement is a problem worth addressing and is usually tied to several major contributors:

1. Wrong fit in their current position
2. Purpose, meaning or connection to the organizational vision
3. Lack of opportunities to grow or advance
4. Lack of trust in management

Each one of these reasons can be addressed through LifePlan. By providing LifePlan for your leadership and employees, they become clear in their purpose, vision, and strategies to achieve their vision. A company specific career growth plan is developed for the individual while keeping personal content confidential.

LifePlan is a Win-Win-Win-Win proposition – For the individual, their families, the company, and the community.

Phase 1

Where do I stand today?
How did I get here?

Phase 2

Who am I?
Where am I headed?

Phase 3

What do I need to do to get there?

Business Coaching

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

I am a change agent for executives and business owners who hunger to become better leaders, and build businesses that live up to their vision and embody their core values.

As your coach, I help you to discover your greatest frustrations and their root causes so that you can implement optimal solutions.  It is within the gap between your vision and where you truly are today, where true transformation takes place.

As a Certified member of the EMyth coaching network, I utilize the most comprehensive business curriculum available to meet you where you are.  After assessing your business with you and understanding your most immediate needs, I will customize your program and we will move through the Seven Dynamics that are fundamental to optimizing your business – Leadership, Branding, Finance, Management, Delivery, Sales and Marketing.

Strategic Planning

“Great teams are defined by what they said “No” to so they can pursue what they are called to be truly doing.” – Jim Collins

Strategy is the art of planning for tomorrow, today. Great leadership is strategic, but even the best strategies must be operationalized, managed, and renewed with time to achieve the results you are looking for.

Utilizing the StratOp process, your core leadership team is guided to a customized strategic plan and equipped with a system for managing and evolving the plan as your organization moves forward.

As we work through this 6 Phase process, we will answer crucial questions.

Phase 1

Establish perspective
before planning

Phase 2

Core strategies and vision
rooted in truth and perspective

Phase 3

Action plan led by
empowered teams

Phase 4

Organization Structure is
validated or changed

Phase 5

 Management after
plan launch

Phase 6

Renewal when the
core strategies must change


  • Completing a life plan with Eric is life changing!  The process gave me perspective, identified what needed to change, and provided a blueprint for the future.  This gave me clarity on my priorities and increased confidence in my purpose.  Eric does an amazing job facilitating the engagement, ensuring a tangible outcome is achieved.

    Geoff Livingstone
    Geoff LivingstoneAccount Executive
  • Eric's leadership through the LifePlan process is second to none.  His questioning and facilitating led to eye opening clarity through the entire process.  I will use the information coming out of this session to help me in future decisions, keeping my life purpose statement in focus.

    Tom Kovacik
    Tom KovacikDirector of Sales
  • I have known Eric Coet since 2005 as his pastor, friend and as recipient of his unique gifting.  I have known Eric to be a servant, wise beyond his years, devoted husband and loving father. I knew he would be an effective coach, but after spending 2-full days developing a Life Plan, I was surprised how much I was encouraged and spurred on to continue to live out my unique calling.  The process exceeded my expectations and fueled me to unashamedly live out who God uniquely created me to be. I am convinced that anyone wanting to live their life with more purpose, intentionality and effectiveness will GREATly benefit from the Life Planning process with my friend Eric.

    Dan Harty
    Dan HartyHead Pastor, Windsor Community Church
  • Working with Eric on my life plan was a transformational experience.  As a facilitator he was able to draw out things that I had not considered which led to clarity and an action plan that I could follow going forward.  If you are stuck in a rut, a life plan with Eric is the solution to get you out and move you toward a life of fulfillment and success.

    Weston Kurz
    Weston KurzExecutive Director - Dayspring Christian Academy
  • I have known Eric for over ten years and would regard him as one of the top strategic thinkers I have worked with. Eric is a first class professional who truly understands the meaning of partnership and planning when dealing with individual or specialized situations. Eric is consistent and focused, never losing sight of the end goal and always working towards a win-win solution. He is a positive leader who inspires his business partners to perform at the top of their potential.

    Grant Lebahn
    Grant LebahnOperations Manager, Hensel Phelps Construction Co.


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